“ there’s an enormous amount of gain, while juxtaposition of the level and dirt controls serves up varying amounts of distorted sound from mild overdrive to full-on-fuzz – especially raucous with the bite turned up ” Guitarist magazine 4/5

This is an extremely versatile pedal used by many guitarists who want a flexible fuzz box that will do anything from extreme distortion to cool overdrive. It packs so much punch and for £85 you are getting a hand made pedal that would challenge any massed produced pedal, and then some. The only other pedal that comes close is the Ibanez hand wired Tubescreamer that will set you back over £300. Listen to the clips, it's fantastic what this pedal will do for that price.

Die Cast Aluminium Housing
Scratch Proof Powder Coated Paint
Profesionally Screen Printed Colours
Neutric Jacks not soldered to board
True bypass high quality footswitch
Yellow LED
Hand Wired & Assembled
Manual and Box Included
120mm X 70mm and is 50mm high
It runs on a 9V battery and can also be powered by a 9 volt DC power supply.