Now with another look by popular demand...

Based on an idea I had in the 70's when building transistor fuzzboxes and making mistajkes,
this fella goes into some prety crazy territory:

Mania control – “why is it making that crazy noise?”

With the mania control at zero, what we have is a simple two knob germanium fuzzbox,
for your vintage 60′s fuzztones.

If you want to go into more experimental territory, then this is why we’ve
added the mania control. As the mania is turned up, a more vicious fuzz
results, with more instability. If you go further the unit will start to
self-oscillate, and the mania and fuzz controls become quite interactive.

With careful setting of the controls it will do some odd things like crazy octave down jumps.
Changing the pickup selector or volume on your guitar will also affect
the noises it makes – try it and see…this control is most effective
if the Germaniac is driven directly from your guitar rather than after
other pedals or in an effects loop.

Diecast metal box
True bypass
LED indicator
9V battery or Boss type adapter powered

Try it on bass too...