Coopersonic Dual Valve Distortion

Dual-Valve Distortion

The pedal that started it all off here at Coopersonic. Two military-spec Soviet valves running at high voltage give you a wide range of drive tones from a subtle crunch to outrageous over-the-top distortion. Powerful two-band EQ to further shape the tone.

Coopersonic Germaniac


This is a germanium fuzzbox with a difference: the unique “mania” control. This introduces positive feedback and creates instability and self-oscillation opening up a world of crazy tones—from very nasty fuzz to wild, octave-jumping synth-like sounds.

Coopersonic Dual Valve Distortion

Deluxe Dual-Valve Distortion

The Deluxe Dual-Valve Distortion replaces our “Deluxe Valve Overdrive”, and has NOS Mullard ECC81 valves fitted, and some component changes. This gives a subtler and smoother driven sound with a little less gain, but it still gets pretty gnarly at high gain settings.

While many valve overdrive pedals are designed to act as a low- to medium-gain preamp, the Valveslapper is most definitely a distortion device. Sharing the same taste for edgy, aggressive distortion as the rest of the Coopersonic range, this is most definitely not a smooth blues machine! Classic rock, punk and even metal, however, are on the menu, but the Valveslapper is not just about top-end bite and break-up. The sounds on offer are full-bodied and solid in the low end too. For anyone with a good-quality single-channel valve amp who wants to instantly add a distortion channel, this could be the ideal solution.

Tubecleaner and Valveslapper

Sound On Sound

[The Coopersonic Germaniac] is a killer fuzz pedal. There’s no flashy design, but you plug it in and you can play it for hours. It’s mad. Can’t really go wrong if you want something a bit different. It’s a really, really cool pedal.

Afro Review of Germaniac

Rabea Masaad

The Valveslapper… is a rugged, hand-built distortion pedal that comes complete with 12V DC adaptor needed to power the two onboard valves, which shape its sonic character, up to high voltage.

Great range of distortion; EQ; build.

If sticking a couple of overdriven valves and a righteous amount of boost in front of your amp to get it screaming appeals, then this is the pedal to do it.


Guitarist magazine cover

Guitarist Magazine

Raucous sixties-style fuzz; extreme noise generation; solid build

A fuzzbox that goes beyond the normal into sonic mania, if you like your fuzz to be on the edge or you need some wild noises on stage, the Germaniac may be for you.

Guitarist magazine cover

Guitarist Magazine