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Our most popular pedal • Permanently on Rabea Masaad’s pedalboard.

This is a germanium fuzzbox with a difference: the unique “mania” control. This introduces positive feedback and creates instability and self-oscillation opening up a world of crazy tones—from very nasty fuzz to wild, octave-jumping synth-like sounds.

With the mania turned up and your guitar plugged directly into the pedal, it will interact with you guitar’s pickup, tone and volume settings so you can control the wild oscillations and generally freak out.


Coopersonic Germaniac

Coopersonic Germaniac

  • Diecast metal case
  • Hand-built
  • LED indicator
  • True bypass
  • 9V battery or “Boss” type AC-adapter operation


“[The Coopersonic Germaniac] is a killer fuzz pedal. There’s no flashy design, but you plug it in and you can play it for hours. It’s mad. Can’t really go wrong if you want something a bit different. It’s a really, really cool pedal.”

– Rabea Masaad

“A fuzzbox that goes beyond the normal into sonic mania…”

Guitarist Magazine


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