Q: My valve pedal power supply is broken/lost—can I get a new one?

A: Yes—get in touch and we can sort you out.

Q: Can I use my Power Brick supply with your pedals?

A: Maybe… no problem to run the Germaniac or any of our battery powered legacy pedals with one of these. They need standard “Boss”-type power, at 9V dc, centre negative, 2.1mm plug.

The Dual Valve Distortion and Deluxe Valve Overdrive need a lot of current to run the valves and many Power Bricks can’t supply enough. These pedals need 12V dc at 500mA.

The Tubecleaner/Clean Valve Boost needs 9V dc at 400mA.

Our valve pedals are also centre-positive, so you may need a polarity-changing cable or adapter. We can supply these, as well as replacement international power adapters for the valve pedals.

Power bricks that should work include the Cioks Ciokolate, Cioks DC-7, DC-10 link; T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic; Harley Benton Power Plant.

There may be others…

Q: My valve pedal gets warm—is this normal?

A: Yes, valves produce a bit of heat. We don’t put them sticking out of the case or light them up with LEDs, but put them inside the box where they are protected. They will get warm but nothing bad will happen, we promise.

Q: Can I get free pedals for my up-and-coming band?

A: Sorry,we can’t help you with this at the moment.

Q: Can I get a pedal with old style graphics like the Valveslapper?

A: Maybe—we have been asked this a lot so can sometimes make these up at the normal price, time allowing. We don’t carry any in stock, but feel free to ask.

Q: Can I get a legacy/discontinued pedal?

A: These do come up on auction sites occasionally, so might be worth a look there. We still support these pedals but are no longer making them.