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The Dual Valve Distortion is offered in two versions, the regular one with Soviet Military 6N2P-EV valves and this, the Deluxe version. The Deluxe version replaces our “Deluxe Valve Overdrive”, and has vintage Mullard ECC81 valves fitted, and some component changes. This gives a subtler and smoother driven sound with a little less gain, but it still gets pretty gnarly at high gain settings.

As used by The Arctic Monkeys, Spiritualized…

The pedal that started it all off here at Coopersonic. Two military-spec Soviet valves running at high voltage give you a wide range of drive tones from a subtle crunch to outrageous over-the-top distortion. Powerful two-band EQ to further shape the tone.


Coopersonic Dual Valve Distortion

Coopersonic Dual Valve Distortion

  • Diecast metal case
  • LED indicator
  • True bypass
  • high brightness pink LED
  • International AC adapter supplied – this will work anywhere and comes with UK, EU, US/Japan and Australian type heads.


Anyone expecting the coopersonic to stay within the confines of traditional overdrive pedals will be scared witless by the paint-stripping fuzz that kicks in as the drive control advances past the 12 o’clock mark…

more than just another boutique overdrive, there’s a mountainous fuzztone within the coopersonic waiting to be unleashed

Guitarist 4/5