Coopersonic Dual Valve Distortion

As used by The Arctic Monkeys, Spiritualized…

The pedal that started it all off here at Coopersonic. Two military-spec Soviet valves running at high voltage give you a wide range of drive tones from a subtle crunch to outrageous over-the-top distortion. Powerful two-band EQ to further shape the tone.


Coopersonic Dual Valve Distortion

Coopersonic Dual Valve Distortion

  • Diecast metal case
  • LED indicator
  • True bypass
  • high brightness red LED
  • International AC adapter supplied – this will work anywhere and comes with UK, EU and US/Japan heads; Australian heads available on request


Anyone expecting the coopersonic to stay within the confines of traditional overdrive pedals will be scared witless by the paint-stripping fuzz that kicks in as the drive control advances past the 12 o’clock mark…

more than just another boutique overdrive, there’s a mountainous fuzztone within the coopersonic waiting to be unleashed

Guitarist 4/5