Coopersonic Dual Valve Distortion

Dual-Valve Distortion

The pedal that started it all off here at Coopersonic. Two military-spec Soviet valves running at high voltage give you a wide range of drive tones from a subtle crunch to outrageous over-the-top distortion. Powerful two-band EQ to further shape the tone.

Coopersonic Germaniac


This is a germanium fuzzbox with a difference: the unique “mania” control. This introduces positive feedback and creates instability and self-oscillation opening up a world of crazy tones—from very nasty fuzz to wild, octave-jumping synth-like sounds.

Coopersonic Dual Valve Distortion

Deluxe Dual-Valve Distortion

The Deluxe Dual-Valve Distortion replaces our “Deluxe Valve Overdrive”, and has Vintage Mullard ECC81 valves fitted, and some component changes. This gives a subtler and smoother driven sound with a little less gain, but it still gets pretty gnarly at high gain settings.